7. Leela Ulagoda

Representing the mIdpoint of 13 Iddawelas, 7th in the family and fourth or youngest daughter Leelawathie Iddawela (1917-2009) was educated at St. Joseph’s Girls College (high school), Gampola and did some teaching before marriage. Leela married Ulagoda Mudiyanselage Mudiyanse Ulagoda (1916-1986) Korale of Manikkawa, Hingula, Kegalle District, Sri Lanka. Manikkawa is on Hingula-Aluthnuwara (famous Dadimunda Devale) road. Hingula is a small old town on Colombo-Kandy road between Mawanella and Kadugannawa. Leela . Ulagoda family consisted of 3 daughters Kanthi (1949), Lakshmi (1950) and Kumari (1951) followed by sons Wasantha (1955) and Sarath (1961). In addition Leela’s younger brother Wije Iddawela’s eldest child Rohana (1955) was also adopted by them.  After marriage she remained a dedicated housewife and was good at delicacy cooking, tailoring, etc. She used to do all tailoring at home including all children’s clothing using hand operated Singer machine. Even the brides and bridesmaids dresses for elder daughter Kanthi was done at home. Electricity was not there at that time.