10. Wije Iddawela

Wijesundara Mudiyanselage Wijerathna Banda Iddawela (1924-1975) was a bright student at school. Hence he was given the opportunity to study at Veyangoda St. Mary’s School and St. Anthony’s College (school) Kandy. He started his career as a teacher and then worked as a cooperative inspector which was a lucrative job in those times.

Wije married Rose Wilfreeda Weerasinghe (1931-1986). Wije met Rose while teaching in Getambe St. John’s school where she was a student. There’s was a love marriage which lasted about 6 years did not have the blessings of his family due to Rose being not from a Kandyan family. They had 4 children, namely Rohana (1955), Athula (1956), Mahinda (1957) sons and Lumbini (1958) the only daughter. They lived in different places according to Wije’s job. Wije became jobless as the marriage broke up. His brothers and sisters volunteered to accept responsibility of raising up the children. Wije and Athula(Asela) lived with Lokumenike (Wije’s mother) at Iddawela Mahagedara (ancestral house), Pilimatalawa while Rohana, Mahinda (Dilip) and Lumbini (Chutti) were brought up at Hingula, Manadeniya and Kobeigane respectively.