උක්කු බණ්ඩා ඉද්දවෙල පරපුර

Ukkubanda Iddawela’s Generation

First Generation

Wijesundara Mudiyanselage Ukkubanda Iddawela (~1880-1932) is the founder father of this Iddawela family tree. Ukkubanda being the youngest of Mudalihami’s three children from two marriages settled in mahagedara as per the Lankan family tradition.  He married Bulumulle Weerakoon Mudiyanselage Lokumenike (~1885-1972). Together they had 13 children. This website is mainly for the descendants of those 13 Iddawelas from Pilimathalawa.

රාජකරුණා විජෙසුන්දර වාසල මුදියන්සෙලාගෙ රාලහාමිල්ලාගෙ උක්කුබණ්ඩා ඉද්දවෙල සහ බූලුමුල්ල වීරකෝන් මුදියන්සෙලාගෙ ලොකු මැණිකේ ගේ පරපුර, පිළිමතලාව

Second Generation

Ukkubanda & Lokumenile’s 13 children makes this generation. 9 of them were males and hence their offspring’s had Iddawela as last name. Last names for the husbands of 4 females and their children were Dhanapala, Lansakaranayake, Bowala and Ulagoda respectively. This generation spans from Karunaratne Iddawela (1906-2009) to Cyril Iddawela (1932-1979).

Third Generation

Third generation are the 55 offspring (children) of above 13 Iddawelas which spans from Cyril Dhanapala Mandeniya (1930-1992) to Asanga Iddawela born in 1974. It is comprised of,

38 Iddawela ඉද්දවෙල
7 Dhanapala ධනපාල
2 Lansakaranayake ලන්සකාරනායක
3 Bowala බෝවල
5 Ulagoda උලගොඩ

Out of 38 Iddawela’s 21 were males who carried forward the Iddawela name. A page each is reserved in this website for blood relatives and spouses of all generations. Spouses names of female Iddawela’s and all other family members can be found in their respective web pages.

Fourth Generation Onwards

Fourth generation consists of 106 Offspring (children) of above 55 starting from Manoj Manadeniya (Cyril’s eldest) and as of 2008 ending with Ramika (Asang’s youngest). Fifth generation are their descendants counting about 70 and growing as of Feb 2018.

All generations can be seen in the Family Tree page. Each name in the table is hyperlinked to individual pages having more details. Family Tree drop-down menu can also be used for navigation.