Kiribanda Iddawela had only son Richard from his first marriage. Richard Iddawela had only daughter Anula (~1930-2012).

Anula Iddawela married Dr. BPN Jayasekera (yyyy-1997) and had five children Manique, Niroshan, Senaka (yyyy-2011), Ranmal and Sriyani. Richard lived in Colombo.

Dr. B. P. N. Jayasekera while young and still a bachelor adopted a one-pound baby who was not expected to live. He was named Angelo and considered as the eldest in Jayasekera family household in Colombo.

Dr. Jayasekera, a gynecologist, was the personal physician of Sri Lanka’s former head of state President JR Jayawardene. Dr. Jayasekera is a kind hearted gentleman as Henry Jayasena recollects (Sunday Times article 30th March 1997). Anula Iddawela Jayasekera family had close association with CB Iddawela (Badulla, 9th Iddawela) family. Student Priyanga Iddawela stayed with them while attending AL tuition before he entered Peradeniya Medical Faculty.