Wijesundara Mudiyanselage Wijetunge Iddawela (1908-1988) who lived in Medawala was the youngest of Kiribanda Iddawela’s 4 sons. He also worked in Police and retired as an ASP. He first married Bisomenike Kumburegama (near Arambekade) and had 2 sons Ashoka (Agra Bandara 1935) and Chandra Bandara (1936). His second marriage was from Medawala and family consisted of 3 daughters Leela, Chandra and Swarna together with only son Mahesh.

Last_Name Used_Name Born Rela/Spouse Gender Generation Address Alive
Iddawela Wijetunge Relative Male 2nd No
Kumburegama Biso Menike Spouse Female 2nd No
Medawala xx Spouse Female 2nd No
Iddawela Ashoka 1935 Relative Male 3rd Yes
Iddawela Chandra 1936 Relative Male 3rd Yes
Iddawela Vibodhi 1973 Relative Female 4th Yes
Iddawela Chanuka 1971 Relative Male 4th Yes
Iddawela Leela Relative Female 3rd Yes
Bandara RIBH Relative Male 3rd Yes
Bandara Duminda Relative Male 4th Yes
Bandara Sureni Relative Female 4th Yes
Ekanayake xx Spouse Male 4th Yes
Iddawela Chandra Relative Female 3rd Yes
Ariyaratne DM Spouse Male 3rd Yes
Ariyaratne Harshana Relative Male 4th Yes
Iddawela Swarna Relative Female 3rd Yes
Mediwaka Nimal Relative Male 3rd Yes
Mediwaka Lisitha Relative Male 4th Yes
Mediwaka Dilmina Relative Male 4th Yes
Iddawela Mahesh 1955 Relative Male 3rd Yes
Kariyawasam Lilani Spouse Female 3rd Yes
Iddawela Aneesha 1986 Relative Male 4th Yes