6. Priyanga Iddawela

Priyanga Bandara Iddawela (1964) is the 5th of CB/Girly’s 7 children. He was educate at …. Badulla and earned MBBS from University of Peradeniya. He specialised in Ophthalmology He is married to Devika Ruklanthi Liyanage in 1994. They have a daughter Sashini (1996) and a son Oshada (1998). Both studied at Gateway International School, Kandy. Priyanga is the only grandchild of Ukkubanda Iddawela to become a doctor.

Priyanga is an eye surgeon and Devika is a university teacher at Peradeniya University.

Devika Ruklanthi and Priyanga Iddawela at Iddawela AGM 2009