2017 Alawwa


Iddawela Annual Reunion 2017 on 28-Jan-2018 at Alawwa Grindlays Regency Hotel

This event was hosted by Kumari Iddawela and supported by the rest of Abey Iddawela family with helping hand from Manoj Manadeniya & brothers together with two Neils (Neil P. Iddawala, Sampath Iddawela). Event was organised by Rohana Iddawela with help from Janaka Liyanasekera, Kamala Iddawela & co. Kumari and three Manadeniya brothers came from Sydney down-under. Fun games were conducted by Lakmini Iddawela with help from other attendees. Event was  grand success attended by 129 relatives and 10 support personnel which is a high number compared to most of the past events.

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