Message from Webmaster 

Message from Webmaster

Welcome to the new look Iddawela website.

Iddawela.com domain was acquired on 5th July 2008 and iddawela.com website was created on the same date to give internet presence to the Iddawela Foundation. Original site was designed using Microsoft Frontpage software application. Rohana Iddawela, eldest son of  Wije and 3rd generation member is the creator, sponsor and editor of this website. Annual fee of US$ 168.00 is borne by Rohana.

In 2011 web host Yahoo withdrew support for “Frontpage” editing of the site. Hence webmaster had to use Yahoo’s custom web design tool which is not easy and flexible as Frontpage. However many pages were updated leaving other pages half converted or untouched. Anyway all pages are visible in the browser. Many appeals were made during Iddawela AGM’s and privately from IT specialists in the family during the transition phase to convert the site to up to date web tools. Since such help was not forthcoming, website remained static from latter part of 2011 to 2017.

In late 2017 my son Givantha came to the rescue and started working on transforming the site using “WordPress” which is currently the most popular web design tool. Major parts of the site were converted by Feb 2018 by him and taught me how to handle “WordPress” tool. Modified and updated site has been made ready before the target date of 10th anniversary on 5th July 2018. Both of us had worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. Old pages were removed on April 2018.

Please note that I am spending lot of time and effort in typing, inserting images, searching images in Facebook member accounts, editing images, calling each individual and tracing historical documents/photos for this gigantic task. Hence please be patient and extend your fullest cooperation. 

All members active participation is required to keep this site alive. There are still lot of BASIC information missing (some blanks or “xx” or “….”can be seen in some of the pages for which data as shown below is required. Confidential information will be kept in private database and not published.

  • Name: First, last, middle & nick name, maiden name

  • PHOTOS: wedding portraits, family portraits (of all Generations) and pictures taken at different ages (Passport like photos or any other preferably for each year), childhood b/w photos of older members and parents will be really nice.

  • Who’s who (parents, grandparents), blood relative/spouse, male/female

  • YEAR/DATE: birth, death, graduation, marriage, first job, retirement

  • Phone (only if willing to publish): Home, Office, mobile, fax (in Sri Lanka & abroad as well)

  • Email/s, Social media presence (Ex. Facebook), Internet presence links (Ex. Linkedin)

  • Address: Home/Work/College: In Sri Lanka or Overseas

  • Education: schools of primary, secondary, higher with periods

  • Profession: engineer, doctor, lawyer, scientist, student, housewife, etc
  • Career history
  • Achievements, awards, honours, appreciations, papers, personal milestones, news
  • Talents: singing, dancing, artist, photography,, etc

  • Autobiography or biography (self or early generations)

Thank you

Rohana Iddawela (webmaster)