2007 Warakapola

Annual Iddawela Get Together on 18 May 2008 at Warakapola

Sponsor: Rohana Iddawela (Event and T Shirt);  Attendance: 92

Iddawela Foundation Meeting & Luncheon for the year 2007 was held on 18th May 2008 at Rangana Rest, Warakapola, Sri Lanka after long lay off. Event was rejuvenated by Asela and sponsored by Rohana (sons of Wije, 10th of 13 Iddawelas). Iddawela foundation book by Asela Iddawela was distributed to each family in attendance. Green colour Iddawela Foundation T shirt  organised by Asela Iddawela and sponsored by Rohana Iddawela was also given as a gift.

Asela Iddawela, Wimal Danapala and Subhash Iddawela were unanimously appointed as president, secretary and treasurer respectively replacing outgoing officers. Collection of membership fees and participation fees were abolished to promote attendance. Rohana Iddawela pledged and committed sponsorship for two more Iddawela Reunions to help smooth flow of this important family event.